KOMC gaming headset superior 40mm audio drivers with advanced audio experience. High quality simulated surround sound with enhance gaming experience. High responsive audio drivers, gives real sound effects, like the gun fire, enemy footsteps and scenario indicators and many more. Whether you're immersed in your enemies' motion in Fortnight, PUBG or CS: GO, wearing a professional gaming headset does matters. With a 40mm driver, KOMC PC, PS4 headset offers an incredibly surround sound for both games and music. Play games for many hours, with comfort is also a key factor when choosing a PC or PS4 headset. The Headsets has been tested for many years on hundreds of different heads, the retractable band and breathable ear pad make sure every player could enjoy the optimal wearing comfort. This gaming headset with a 3.5mm audio jack is compatible with PC, PS4 controller, Xbox One controller (Please note: newer models have a headphone jack, older ones require an adapter.) This PC, PS4 headset provides high-end noise cancellation to enable you to chat to your fellow players with crystal clarity. mic frequency : 58_+ 2db cable length:2m frequency:20hz-20khz

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