DISANTA HDMI to USB Audio Video Capture Card , HDMI Video Capture Device Card 1080p to USB Game Capture Card for Video Camera Recording and Video Capture Card for Streaming Broadcast.

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  • 🔹 HIGH DEFINITION 1080P Audio Video Capture Card - Supports input max resolution 3840×2160@30Hz, output max resolution 1920×1080@30Hz. Record high definition videos directly in your hard drive with no delay. 🌀 PACKAGE INCLUDE: AUDIO VIDEO CAPTURE CARD (1 PCS ) AND 1 USER MANUAL🌀
  • 🔹 PLUG AND PLAY: No driver or external power supply, The audio video capture card is suitable for low-latency game, can meet the needs of the meeting. The small size 4k video capture card directly leads the USB cable to avoid unnecessary connect.
  • 🔹 SPECIFICATIONS: ➡️ HDMI resolution: Max input can be 3840×2160@30Hz ➡️ Video output resolution: Max output can be 1920×1080@30Hz ➡️ Video output format: YUV/JPEG ➡️ Support video format: 8/10/12bit Deep color ➡️ Support audio format: L-PCM ➡️ Support AWG26 HDMI standard cable: input up to 15 meters ➡️ Support most acquisition software, such as VLC / OBS / Amcap, etc ➡️ Support Windows / Android / MacOS ➡️ Conform to USB Video and UVC standard
  • 🔹 SCREEN SHARING FOR MEETINGS: The video capture device for live streaming card is a fast, familiar and economical way to share content in conference rooms and online meetings. Connect to presentations without software, just connect to a laptop or tablet via HDMI to start sharing. Video Capture Device for Live Streaming
  • 🔹 HDMI GAME CAPTURE: Based on high-speed technology, you can capture a high-definition HDMI video signal of a signal channel. The game capture card is suitable for devices with HDMI output, such as devices for PS4, for one, for Wii U and for Switch.

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